Speaker Box Black Plastic

These handy recessed handle make easy handling of speaker boxes.

  • Save your fingers from calluses and pull even the heaviest of PA speaker cabinets, amplifier boxes or bass guitar cabinets with ease and comfort!
  • Perfect for DJs, musicians, school bands and any stage performer, these heavy duty, ABS plastic speaker cabinet handles will replace any old or worn out pulls on your road cases and allow you to carry them to your next gig with safety!
  • Made to withstand rough use on and off stage, these recessed handles promise to last for years to come and perform excellently every time! Dimensions: L 5.5” x W D 3.5” x H 4”. Gross Weight: 3oz each
  • Their recessed design allows for maximum weight load strength, so you can carry your heavy duty DJ gear without worrying about accidents. The pack includes 1 pairs of handles (2 pieces in total).
  • Boasting a modern, sleek design with black finish, these sturdy speaker cabinet handles will ensure you of the perfect fit and an unbeatable style for all your projects. With 4 mounting holes for effortless and secure installation, you can easily mount these durable handles in just minutes and get ready for your next performance!

MIYAKO 21-805 set of two black heavy duty ABS Plastic pocket handles. Each handle is made of sturdy black Plastic. Simply install each handle to your speaker box or cabinet with you your own screws. These heavy duty handles allow portability for your cabinets in a efficient manner thanks to its comfortable grip, without sacrificing style or performance.
Speaker Box Black Plastic
LENGTH: 7/8 x 3/8″
MATERIAL: Plastic Body
PCS/CTN: 300


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