Headband Magnifier with Led Light

Double Magnifying Tool for Closed Work, Reading, Repair and More.

  • High performance soldering iron with switch, stand and 50 Watt long lasting tip.
  • Long life tip P-11 and high performance mica heater allows this iron to reach temperatures between 932 – 968 degrees within seconds.
  • High heat dissipation, impact resistant and anti-slippery red handle with switch, are some of the many features this iron comes with which allows to reduce hand fatigue.
  • Very well balanced and ergonomic design which result in an extremely comfortable grip allowing for a better more smooth use of the iron to finish those jobs with extreme precision.
  • Model: 74B8150 110V AC / 60Hz / 150 W. USA type 2P flat plug with cable length of 1.35m x 0.5 sq.

DESCRIPTION: Headband Magnifier with Led Light

This magnifying glass head set allows up-close viewing of small objects, while reducing eye strain. Multi-use in a wide range. It is suitable for professional or amateur workers. I.e: Precision processing, mold making, picture talking, mold assembly, sculpture, precision inspection, precision drawing and electronic micro components assembly, etc. The glass can be cleaned with alcohol or regular washing. For Jewelry Repair, Sewing, Surgical Repair, Precision Work and Reading.

ITEM SIZE: 1.8 x ,2.3 x 3.7″ ,  4.8x


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