RG6 Coaxial Cable Double Shielded Braiad

Connects DVR, DVD, digital recivers, cable box, or any type of video source to any TV with F-type inputs .

  • WHITE 25ft RG6 COAXIAL CABLE DOUBLE SHIELDED BRAID: Professional double shielded RG6 Coaxial cable is the perfect connecting cable for digital video and audio signals for the highest quality image and fidelity for F Pin connected devices.
  • PERFECT CABLE FOR SATELLITE TV & HIGH SPEED INTERNET: The Air HD Antennas. Secure laced cable connectors. Ideal coaxial cable for Dish Network, and broadband internet modem connections. Use with cable TV boxes, VCR’s and Over
  • DURABLE & FLEXIBLE PVC JACKET: Flexible PVC jacket allows for bending cable without damaging the quad shielded insulated wiring. Flexible jacket is ideal for running cable through dry wall and over drop ceilings girders.
  • GOLD PLATED: Gold plated connectors for maximum durability
  • AVAILABLE COLOR: 100% shielded to help minimize interference. Available in white color

Professional Series RG-6 F Type Gold Plated Connectors coaxial cables are commonly used for cable, satellite, and TV antenna signals. All metal lock and seal F-type connectors provide a secure connection that won’t deteriorate over time. The flexible PVC jacket enables easy installation. Professional Series F-Type cables provide maximum video quality at a bargain price.

DESCRIPTION: RG6 Coaxial Cable Double Shielded Braiad
JACKET: White Flex PVC
OD: 18 AWG
CONNECTORS: F Type Gold Plated Connectors
PACKING: 1pc/hanging card
PCS/CTN : 48pcs



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