Metal Handle

These handy recessed metal handle make easy handling of speaker boxes. Great for road cases

  • Black finished steel handle and mounting dish can handle use and abuse. Made from 1.2mm / 18 gauge steel
  • Comfortable, easy-to-grip rubber covering on handle. Opening Angle: 90-degree; Grip Size: 19mm / 3/4″
  • The speaker handles are suitable for PA speakers, rack cases, or pedal board cases-pro audio
  • Perfect solutions for any size flight or road case, tour equipment, etc.
  • Package Includes: 2 x Speaker Handles

Spring Loaded Metal Speaker Cabinet Handles By MIYAKO
These heavy duty spring loaded speaker handles can hold the heaviest loads. The thick durable rubber handle offers greater comfort when carrying your road case cabinet. These handles feature a spring loading mechanism allowing the handles to return to its original position when they are not in use
Did your speaker cabinet handles broke/expired? Bought an awesome new speaker cabinet that doesn’t have carry handles? These powerful spring loaded metal speaker cabinet handles are exactly what you need! Save your hands from growing new calluses with the comfortable cushioned pads on the handles. The spring loaded feature ensures no more handles flopping around when maneuvering and moving your road case cabinet from one gig to the next

Spring Loaded Metal Speaker Cabinet Handles Features
Equipped with spring loaded mechanism that will keep the handles out of the way when not in use, these deluxe, PA speaker/amp pulls won’t rattle or flop around while on the go, making them excellent replacement parts or hardware accessories for your new stage equipment. What is more, their recessed design allows for maximum weight load strength, so you can carry your heavy duty DJ gear without worrying about accidents.
Boasting a modern, sleek design with black finish, these sturdy speaker cabinet flip handles will ensure you of the perfect fit and an unbeatable style for all your projects. With 10 mounting holes for effortless and secure installation, you can easily mount these durable handles in just minutes and get ready for your next performance! Cut out hole size needed: 134mm x 80mm. Screw hole size 4.7mm.

Spring Loaded Metal Speaker Cabinet Handles Specifications

  • Length: 160mm
  • Width: 107mm
  • Height 16mm
  • Cut out hole size needed: 134mm x 80mm
  • Screw hole size 4.7mm
  • Screw hole quantity: 10
  • Gross weight: 12oz each


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