Automates fans, lamps, lights, sprinklers, seasonal/ decorative/ holiday & Christmas lighting, illumination, heater, A/C, and other electronics to help reduce energy and save money.

  • These 3-prong grounded outlet timers meet and exceed UL highest standards of control for quality and safety. Rating: 125VAC, 60 Hz, 1250W, 15A, 1/2HP Tungsten & Resistive
  • Simply press down all the pins for the range of time you would like your attached appliance to turn on. The programed schedule will repeat every 24 hours, automatically turning on and off your device so you won’t have to.
  • Each pin represents 15 minutes for added customization. Set up to as many as 48 ON/OFF programs to automate your home appliances.
  • Pins UP means timer is ON. Pins DOWN means timer is OFF. Please note that your timer’s pins will come pressed DOWN new of the box. Pull the pins UP to begin setting your timer.

MIYAKO USA Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer with 3 Prong works with any electrical device by turning them on and off at set times. Included are 2 mini timers that can be used in two different locations, which will give your home that lived in look while you’re away. This plug-in timer provides up to 48 on/off settings per day and the cycle repeats every 24 hours automatically. Easy to set in 15 minutes intervals with segment pins that can be easily pushed down or pulled up. Use the manual override button to turn the timer on or outlet on, so you don’t have to delete any preprogrammed settings. Plug fans, lamps or holiday lights in and set the timer to turn them on and off so it won’t remain on when not needed. This timer provides the safety and security as you come home to a lighted house.

Features :

  • Easy to push down or pull up pins
  • Timer intervals of 15 minutes
  • Allows up to 48 On/Off intervals programs
  • Peak Power of 2200 watts
  • Includes Power-On LED Indicator
  • Silent (No noise at all)
  • Grounded UL approved for home safety



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